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Cancel Out Cancer Events


Did you know that local NHS volunteers can help you become more cancer aware through free awareness sessions in our area?

The 60-minute Cancel Out Cancer session is a fantastic way to help you:

– understand what cancer is and isn’t, including busting some myths

– spot cancer early, and get to know what the signs and symptoms of cancer are

– know the value of screening, and importance of early diagnosis

– be positive about health and small lifestyle changes to help prevent cancer.

At the moment, the sessions are run online and anyone is invited to take part – voluntary organisations, community groups, local clubs, or even just for family and friends to get together for an hour with one of our fantastic volunteers.

The more people who take part in these sessions, the greater chance we have of raising awareness and ‘cancelling out cancer’.

We have arranged several Cancel Out Cancer sessions for our patents – you can register using the links below:

DateTimeName of volunteers       Eventbrite link
Monday 23 Aug7pmMandy and Rosie
Wednesday 25 Aug3pmVeronica and Linda
Friday 27 Aug11amPeter and Justin
Tuesday 31 Aug7pmVeronica and Linda
Thursday 2 Sept3pmPeter and Justin
Saturday 4 Sept11amMandy and Rosie


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