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Patient Participation

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What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

Known as PPGs, these are active groups in all of the five GP practices in Stort Valley & Villages PCN.

PPG’s work with the practice and its staff, and contribute in a number of ways to improve the patient experience.

During the COVID pandemic, many of the locality PPG members kindly donated their time to assisting with the COVID vaccination clinics, or at local food banks. PPG members are vital and valuable members of the community, helping to shape local services.

Other PPG roles can include:

  • helping to promote awareness of long-term conditions, such as cancer and diabetes
  • working with staff to help patients use digital technology to manage GP appointments
  • promoting surveys and helping practices with ‘you said, we did’ feedback and improvement work.

The groups do not handle patient complaints, but represent patient views on the management of healthcare in their area and work to improve the experience and environment of patients at their GP practice.

PPG groups meet on a regular basis and anyone interested in being a member is encouraged to contribute and take part in a proactive way. Also, patient participation groups strive to reflect the patient population they represent. This includes having people from a range of ages and backgrounds involved.

What is Stort Valley & Villages Primary Care Network?

For more information on our organisation, please see our Primary Care Network page.

Stort Valley & Villages PCN would like to bring together the PPG’s from the five local surgeries and work together as a wider group to discuss local services and patient experience.


How do I join a Patient Participation Group at my local practice? 

If you would like to join a PPG, please see the information for your registered practice on how to join (links below).

Once you have joined the PPG, you will be invited to join PPG meetings should you so wish.


For further information regarding PPG’s, please see the link below: 

Patients Association

Stort Valley Healthcare is proud to be independently regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Patient Participation